Academy Parents Club (APC)

The Academy Parent Club (APC) meets the second Tuesday of every month in the AAA/CAL Library at 7:00.

AAA's APC is a state registered non-profit "student centered" organization that exists to volunteer and fundraise for enriching AAA field-trips. We exist to serve all AAA students!

The APC has a yearly fundraising goal of $15,000 so each grade level has an enrichment and college campus field trip.

You can feel good about supporting each AAA Fundraiser because 100% of all APC profits go to pay for student field trips.

APC Fundraisers
  • DeBrito Candy Apples

  • Tricky Tray

  • Donations

  • Color Run

  • Penny Wars

  • Cookie Dough

  • Poinsettias

  • Family Movie Nights

  • Tickle Pops

  • Amazon Smiles

  • Escript

AAA Student Enrichment Passport (Field Trips)

5th Grade

  • Tech Museum (San Jose)

  • The Exploratorium (San Francisco)

  • California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB)

6th Grade

  • TBD

  • Stanford University

7th Grade

  • Elkhorn Slough Kayaking

  • University of California Santa Cruz

8th Grade

  • Great America

  • University of California Berkeley