Academy Parents Club (APC)

The Academy Parent Club (APC) is a state registered non-profit "student centered" organization that exists to volunteer and fundraise for enriching AAA field-trips. We exist to serve all AAA students!

This year the APC has set a fundraising goal of $25,000 so each grade level has an enrichment and college campus field trip. You can feel good about supporting each AAA Fundraiser because 100% of all APC profits go to pay for student field trips.

APC Fundraisers

*DeBrito Candy Apples *Tricky Tray

*Crowd Funding *Penny Wars *Cookie Dough *Poinsettias

*Family Movie Nights *Tickle Pops *Amazon Smiles *Escrip.

AAA Student Enrichment Passport (Field Trips)

5th Grade

*California Academy of Science (San Francisco)

*The Exploratorium (San Francisco)

*California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB)

6th Grade

*Mount Hermon Science Camp (5 Days)

*Stanford University

7th Grade

*University of California Santa Cruz

*University of California Berkeley (Cal)

8th Grade

*Museum of Tolerance

*The Getty Villa Museum (Malibu)

*University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Whats "Going On" in the APC

Join the Academy Parent Club (APC)... Our first meeting is Sept. 7th at 7:00 PM. Find some great reasons to join our fantastic APC here...

The APC is selling AAA merch... the most fire colab clothing drop in AAA mercantile history is here! Find ordering info here...

To continue AAA's exceptional field trip opportunities, we need to raise $25,000 plus a year! Here is a unique fundraiser that could really help. Please help the Tricky Tray Fundraiser. See the letter here...

The Big DeBrito Apple Fundraiser is here! Please support AAA field trips with this fundraiser! More information can be found here!

Check out the AAA Parent Club's many wonderful student and family activities in the AAA Archived Info/ Events tab