About AAA

The Accelerated Achievement Academy (AAA) is an extraordinary learning environment for students and a great partner with our families and San Benito Community.

The AAA is one of the highest achieving schools in the nation.  Our 4th and 5th graders are the highest performing students in San Benito County!  Our middle school was the 14th highest achieving school in California!  AAA earned a California Distinguished School Award in 2013.  The Educational Results Partnership uses nationally normed student assessment data to recognize the AAA several times, as a top performing California Honor Roll STAR School.

The AAA is not resting on impressive credentials or awards.  Our teachers are using evidence based professional development and instructional practices to grow our students even more!  We have embraced Project Based Learning school-wide and are daily pushing students for deeper and more complex understandings of the world and their place in it. That does not mean assigning more homework, but using the best research based instructional practices in education*.

The AAA staff embraces growing bright and high achieving students into kind and compassionate people.  We are building our relational skills to raise the social and emotional capacity of every student.   Our entire school trained this August in Capturing Kids Hearts (CKH) with the Flippen Group.  CHK is a national program that strengthens student connections to each other and their teachers.  Students and teachers build Social Contracts (agreement of behavior) that are used daily in and out of the classroom.

This year we are striving to be even better partners with our families and the community.  We are working closely with our Parents Club to send our students to world class learning centers and cultural institutions to expand their horizons.  We are also building strong partnerships with local businesses and high school to gain access to hands on science and labs.

The future of the AAA is bright.  Our students, families, teachers and community are all committed to making advanced students grow even more and making AAA the best school in the world!   

Go Gators!

*see effect size learning achievement research by John Hattie